About Us

NUVEA is a pioneer multi cloud and optimization platform aiming  at giving back the hand to customers on the market of cloud computing. NUVEA is a disruptive innovation technology carried by New Generation SR, an innovative SME active in the field of digital technologies and infrastructures. Our platform enable customers to take over, manage, benchmark and optimize permanently their distributed IT infrastructure, independently from the underlying cloud resource provider(s).

The NUVEA platform is a distributed cloud infrastructure management tool taking into account customer’s needs and wills, settings and preferences; its internal algorithms elaborate and implement in real time the best possible resource allocation policy, taking into account the characteristics and monitoring parameters of all the available capacities at different providers, like energy consumption / price or equipment status (idle, critical, available…). 

The implementation of the allocation policy consists in picking in real time at providers the best combination of resources, in order to fit the customer’s needs at lowest cost and risk with respect to his preferences. The “NUVEA online interface gives the customer a comprehensive display of the state of his infrastructure (architecture, virtual machines location and status, parameters of the different data centers involved…) as well as billing parameters, and allows him to define or modify his own targeted “quality on cost ratio”.

So, whatever your infrastructure with NUVEA you will experience significant OPEX savings by reducing the energy consumption of your cloud infrastructure at the same time you will benefit multi cloud elasticity.

NUVEA kicked off in 2012, when New Generation SR founded with 6 french SMEs and a public research body, the R&D consortium nu@ge aiming at developping cutting edge technologies dedicated to Cloud infrastructures. Our consortium was labelized by the french state and granted a 5 millions euros subsidy by the french fund for innovation. Since it has been developed and kept up to date by an experienced team of engineers and searchers with Cloud expertise.