Energy management


The reduction of energy consumption has become a real challenge, as the demand for Cloud infrastructures increases dramatically, urging for solutions to mitigate both the economic and environmental impact.

NUVEA enables Cloud providers and users, to benefit from the Cloud Power ,while reducing their costs and carbon footprint.

NUVEA is the first Yield Management Software, enabling the dynamic optimization of Cloud infrastructures, according to SLAs and the datacenters supervision's requirements.

Adopt NUVEA and free your performance !



NUVEA allows dynamic optimization of your infrastructures, depending on your usage of the Cloud. A better yield of your infrastructures leads up to 40% savings of the energy consumption


NUVEA enables higher performance from existing infrastructures, by identifying and eradicating suboptimal states.  Now with optimized infrastructures you spare significant investments

Gain cash and performance

NUVEA optimized your infrastructures and now you are left with plenty of new free resources ! These are ready for new services that you may decide to sell or to use for internal purpose !

Benefit from Cloud’s future

NUVEA is designed to leveraging on Cloud's performance on the long term. Its multi-cloud model gives you a competitive edge !