Who is NUVEA aimed to ?

NUVEA Audit © is aimed at any IT infrastructure operator : for own account, service provider, outsourcer... wishing to achieve all or some of the following objectives :


  •    ✅ Reduce costs

  •    ✅ Make Investments Profitable

  •    ✅ Better position itself in the face of competition

  •    ✅ Control and limit its investments

  •    ✅ Improve its margins (structural or on contracts)

  •    ✅ Generate additional revenues

  •    ✅ Increase its service offer catalogue quickly

  •    ✅ Implement actions in the framework of a ISO50001 certification

  •    ✅ Better size its projects

  •    ✅ Adapt its offer to the new challenges


What is NUVEA Audit ?


NUVEA Audit © is a service that enables data center operators and their customers to collaborate in their common interest : the overall optimization of infrastructure and uses.


NUVEA Audit © is based on a decision-making tool that values your operating data , in order to implement optimized digital strategies,econciling operating constraints with business imperatives.


This unique solution makes it possible to Reconcile the viewpoint of the operator and its customers through unified piloting :





Why NUVEA Audit © ?


Because your datacenter contains a lot of information that today is not accessible and/or not exploited while it is a valuable asset :


Your data counts : We value your data !


NUVEA Audit © does not challenge your past technical and investment choices but relies on it to collect, analyze and view your operating data to create value by providing critical-use information :


  •    On your Energy performance : Power call optimization, real PUE evaluation, IT load correlation and profile variation of Kw ... 

  •    On the optimum distribution of the IT load according to different criteria: operational excellence, risk management, project sizing ... 

  •    On the financial performance of your IT :Opex level , infrastructures yield ..... 


NUVEA Audit © allows you to identify the optimization levers and evaluate their impact on your business thanks to its simulator.


How it works ?


NUVEA Audit © collects, analyzes and renders your data, enriches them with exogenous data so that they are directly valued.




NUVEA Audit © integrates a collection tool that facilitates the retrieval of data and as such alleviates the work of the operator but you may choose the mode that suits you best :




NUVEA Audit © integrates an analysis tool based on proprietary algorithms enabling the formatting and the interpretation of the results of the audit, the identification of the levers to implement.


NUVEA Audit © integrates an simulation tool to measure and alue the impact of decision making :s activating levers, hypotheses.


NUVEA Audit © includes a visualization tool presenting the results at different levels of detail : from the datacenter to the virtual machine and following different phases :


Audit Phase

A photograph of your IT activity, presented in an intelligible way.





Audit phase

Highlighting particular uses through data analyzis




Optimization Phase

Updating views after applying optimization scenarios





Levers-activation Phase

Quantified evaluation of targeted results





Prerequisites and technical integration: none


NUVEA Audit © est is available in SaaS mode, in "on premise" mode or is part of a more comprehensive process: "Cloudification" of applications, evolution of architectures, taking into account new stakes ...



Implementation :


The process is simple and facilitated by our teams according to your context.


As an indication:




First audit and process of continuous progress

NUVEA Audit © is part of a process of continuous progressthat we are carry with our partners





What differentiates NUVEA Audit ?


NUVEA Audit ©is a unique decision support tool, it responds to a wide variety of requests :


  •    ✅ What is the distribution of my critical applications and the optimal redundancy level ?

  •    ✅ What are the interdependent application/data clusters, limiting/promoting the flexibility of my IT load ?

  •    ✅ What are the most efficient physical clusters ?

  •    How can I optimize my load to benefit from the best energy impact ?


NUVEA Audit © takes into account the multisite dimension in native and is not dependent of geographical constraints.


NUVEA Audit © is scalable: The more data it "consumes" the more its algorithms and its experience feedback are relevant.


How to start with NUVEA Audit ©